Brief Overview Of The Malaysian Trade Mark Application Process

Registry examines for minimum filing requirements (such as Application Form and Statutory Declaration) and payment of prescribed fees. Allocates  filing date and number.
Search & 
Registry conducts search for identical or confusingly similar trade mark and compliance with registration criteria. Issues objection for non-compliance, if any.     
Acceptance &
If objection overcomed or no objection,  trade mark will be accepted and  published in the government gazette for opposition purpose subject to payment of prescribed fees.      
Any third party may oppose the trade mark application by filing a notice of opposition within the 2 month publication period. Applicant may respond via counter statement.
If opposition resolved or no opposition, trade mark will be registered and certificate of registration issued.

Application Process Flowchart

A flowchart of the trade mark application process is available at MyIPO's website. To view the flowchart, click here