The filing requirements for a trade mark application in  Malaysia are as follows:-


  1. Full name, address and citizenship of applicant. If applicant is not an individual, please provide country and state (if applicable) of incorporation.
  2. One (1) clear specimen of the trade mark (size not exceeding 10cm x 10 cm) Please note:- The mark will be filed in black & white which when registered is deemed to be registered for all colours. If you wish to file in colour, please provide us with 10 clear specimen of the mark in colour (size not exceeding 10cm x  10 cm).
  3. If the mark contains non-English words, please specify the language and meaning.
  4. Description of the goods/services for which protection is sought according to the Nice Classification of Goods and Services.
  5. Priority date, number and  country of filing (if claimed).
  6. A Statutory declaration (SD) affirming that the applicant is the bona fide proprietor of the mark and that the application is made in good faith. The SD to be signed by an authorized officer of the applicant before a Commissioner for Oaths (if signed locally) or before a Notary Public (if signed overseas). 
  7. A certified English translation and transliteration of the non-English words contained in the mark.
  8. A certified true copy of the priority document and its certified English translation if it is not in English.